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  • I'm experimenting with sharing a (very, very) partial view of my personal notes, and is intended to share my state of thinking on particular topics with specific others. There will most often be landing pages below that I've referred you to.
  • As of now, there is no ability to add comments. But I hope that ability will get added soon!
  • The format of these notes allows for exploration - clicking links will open linked ideas in a cascade to the right of the current note, without closing the current note. Explore away!
  • Steve/Seth:
    • I've mostly shared my thoughts on the dimensions of tech for my comps paper.
      • I've pulled together the pieces of the paper (minus the table) into one place - Tech in Teams March 1
        • It draws from multiple places - if there's an interest in seeing more thinking behind each piece of the paper, these are good jumping-off points:
          • The outline of the paper lives here
          • The articulation of the dimensions exists in 2 places - a living, thinking document lives here, and an excerpted version was pulled out here
          • The table draws from this live space where I'm working to integrate the 3 dimensions articulated above, with specific team processes (and possibly cognitive and affective emergent states - still considering that): Dimensions of Tech x Team Processes
            • (Considering adding cognitive and affective emergent states, since mental models are super relevant how how tech helps, and affective emergent states are important for understanding the challenges of integrating AI.)
About these notes