Michael Shulman's Shared Notes

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Mediums for communication are not limited to two and three dimensional diagrams. The ability to include the context that gave birth to our ideas, technological affordances that allow us to send simple messages that are accompanied by access to a knowledge graph of the sources that underly ones thinking, would allow others to explore more deeply any elements in our words that were unclear, or where subject matter familiarity was falsely assumed.

  • Included, too, are methods where the encoding process is skipped entirely, where one does not consider how to put thoughts into words meant purely for communication, but shares the artifacts of their thinking directly. Live synchronous document editing is such a medium, where collaborators working together might not explain their thinking directly, but allow others to see the artifacts of their thinking directly - the writing, deleting, and restructuring that are all part of the process. Of course, skipping the encoding process does not mean that our thoughts are effectively visible, nor that the receiver does not still have to go through the decoding process. But this method of communication is one afforded by digital technologies, and not captured in examining the virtuality of communication alone.
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