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Mediums for communication can be analogue, or they can be part of the digital technologies we use to communicate. Including a diagram in an email is adding a visual element to our words; even more communicative is using mediums in a compilational manner, using verbal and non-verbal communication together with additional tools, whether by sending a video accompanying the building of a diagram with an explanation, interfacing with colleagues over a large interactive display [e.g., @Mateescu.Pimmer.ea2019], or participating in a live holographic conference call where digital three-dimensional diagrams or physical props can be conjured and manipulated at will.

  • think this is too long an explanation - especially if also want to include, as part of mediums of communication, the inclusion of the context behind our thoughts, and the possibility of _removing_ rather than adding to the encoding process, like sending the direct artifacts of our thinking. Can work to shorten from after "including a diagram in an email..."
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